Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Cat Food

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Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Cat Food:

Tiki Cat food is a very high quality product range that is made from real meat, real fish and is nothing like ordinary cat slushy food! Tiki Cat food was one of the natural pet food manufacturer’s that were not impacted by the cat food recalls. As a result of that, sale of Tiki cat food soared as customers realized that amount of research quality and care that goes into producing this cat food range.

Human Grade Ingredients:

Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Cat Food

Tiki Cat Food

Tiki cat food only uses high quality whole food – human grade ingredients. There are no manipulated ingredients or any fillers added to bulk it out, apart from oil. They say that Tiki cat food is probably safe enough for humans to eat LOL (although of course you would not).

The range is all low glycemic index, low magnesium, and low phosphate. And covers cats in all states of health, from those requiring a healthy maintenance food to more serious dietary requirements for cats with CRF, Diabetes, Kidney and Liver Diseases, etc.

There are now many veterinarians across the USA who are using and recommending Tiki Cat Food products because of the benefits and the quality. Often a sick animal that is not eating can be encouraged to eat again with the Tiki range – cats simply love it.

With the recent pet food recalls and contamination issues, Tiki Cat Food stands out. All the ingredients are tested for pesticides, pathogens, heavy metals, antibiotics and other contaminants. What is more is that the products are hand cut and filleted, hand packed, and canned fresh – right at the source.

The names of the different varieties are all interesting Hawaiian inspired: Here are a few of the yummy sounding names:

  • Tiki Cat Napili Luau Wild Salmon and Chicken In Chicken Consomme
  • Tiki Cat Hawaiian Grill Ahi Tuna
  • Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Chicken In Chicken Consomme
  • Tiki Cat Papeekeo Luau Ahi Tuna and Mackrel in Tuna Consomme
  • Tiki Cat Lanai Luau Tuna In Crab Surimi Consomme
  • Tiki Cat Koolina Luau Chicken with Egg In Chicken Consomme
  • Tiki Cat Manana Grill Ahi Tuna with Tiger Prawns In Tuna Consomme
  • Tiki Cat Waikiki Luau Tuna On Rice with Tilapia
  • Tiki Cat Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon In Salmon Consomme

For a look at the yummy range of this cat food – click here: Tiki Cat Food.

Here is what customers are saying about the Tiki Cat Food range:

My Cat loves this brand. By Ashley L:
Flavor Name:Lanai Luau Tuna In Crab Surimi
I bought this tuna & crab flavored Tiki Cat food after I purchased the Tiki Cat sampler pack. He seemed to love all the flavors this brand offers. The ingredients are healthy for him and he and I are happy we found this brand.

5.0 out of 5 stars Cat Loves!!!, By Tiffany B (Atlanta, GA):
This review is from: Tiki Cat King Kamehameha
I have an older cat and she consistently loves all the flavors in here. I originally bought it as a sampler but she just loves all of them so much that I just keep getting the variety pack. I am on my 5th case and I still have not had any issues with bad cans or too large bones. She loves this food and it looks like what it says on the can when you open it up.

Crazy for Tiki Cat By Christine Barnett:
I almost regret buying this fancy cat food as a treat for my kitty bc she is crazed for it! It’s a little expensive but the quality is outstanding and the happiness my kitty expresses makes it all worth it. I usually give her one can of this per day and one can of another type of wet food to keep the cost down.
I HIGHLY recommend this food. has vitamins, minerals, and is only barely processed – it looks like an almost whole food product.

Check out Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Cat Food: Tiki Cat Food.

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