What Cat Symptoms to Look Out For?

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What Cat Symptoms to Look Out For?

You should never ignore any odd cat symptoms when detected, because they can serve as an early warning regarding your cat’s health. Some things may be life threatening if untreated. 

But, how are you to able tell whether your cat is sick or not? Well, you should learn to identify the cat symptoms of being sick – or at the very least learn to know the common ones.

Although your cat may recover fully from any minor illness even before you find out anything wrong with her, there are in fact some illnesses that can appear mild on the outside – but soon become serious if not addressed.


Sick Cat Symptoms

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At any time when you feel something isn’t quite right, observe the behavior of your cat closely to look for any symptom of illness so that you can do the right thing immediately.


Your cat can cough and this is normal if it happens only occasionally – it is most likely a fur ball. However, if the cough is gets more serious and kitty is retching and coughing persistently, you should have her checked out.


If your cat shows any sign of diarrhea, make sure to keep a very close eye on her. Usually it is just transient and should clear up in a day or so. But, if it persists for longer that a couple of days, you should have her checked by your vet.

Diarrhea can cause dehydration, which can be serious and may come on quickly. When seriously dehydrated, the kitty’s whole system does not work properly and then your cat’s life may be in danger. However, re-hydrating fluids when administered by a vet usually help restore hydration quickly.


Just like humans, your cat can suffer from fevers. Usually a cat with a fever will appear listless and sleepy. Use your fingers to feel the ears and if they feel abnormally warm, your cat has a fever. Make sure your cat gets plenty of rest and that she is drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

If the fever persists for a day or more, then please take her to a vet. As with diarreah, fever can cause dehydration, which can be very serious. Always check with your vet where necessary – to be safe.


Many cat owners are worried when they see their kitty throw up. Vomiting is not uncommon for cats as there are a few reasons they do so. Firstly, they clean themselves up by licking their fur and this can cause a lot of fur to be ingested. This becomes furballs which causes them to vomit.

Vomiting can also be cause by a new food – and it does not necessarily mean that the food is bad. Cats’ systems – by design – are made to be very wary of new foods, and you will probably find that the second or third meal of the new food does not cause vomiting.

Excessive vomiting that you can’t see either of the above causes for – is definitely a reason to be concerned, and you should seek professional help – sooner rather than later.

Being a responsible cat owner, you should learn to observe your cat’s symptoms to ensure that your pet stays healthy. Besides the above signs, you should also learn to detect if there is any change of your cat’s behavior, if your cat is losing weight or even refusal to eat and drink. These are symptoms to tell you how she is really feeling.



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