Neater Feeder Cat Bowl

Stop Inappropriate Cat Peeing

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Neater Feeder Cat Bowl:

The Neater Feeder is the very first Mess Proof Cat Feeder to hit the market. It has a patented design that actually separates and contains any spilled food and water! With the Neater Feeder cat bowl, you can look forward to no more messy feed areas on your floor.


Neater Feeder Cat Bowl

Clean Cat Dishes!


The top level contains any spilled food, which is safe to be reused. While any spilled water (by pets or clumsy humans) is filtered down and contained in the lower level.

The mess proof design is quite a boon for those who have cats that like to throw their water around – no more sloppy, slippery floors.

Neater Feeder Cat Bowl Product Details:

  • Neater Feeder is the world’s first pet feeding system for dogs and cats that contains spills and splashes and separates spilled food from spilled water
  • Spilled water drains into the lower reservoir while spilled food stays off the floor, so it can be safely reused or easily discarded
  • Neater Feeder for Cats, Cat Bowl, was created for all cat breeds and sizes
  • It includes two shallow 4-inch cat dishes, which are appropriately sized for your cats’ comfort and dietary well being
  • Also included are a set of four non-skid inserts
  • The Neater Feeder for Cats may be more comfortable for your cat with Leg Extensions which are sold separately. The leg extensions raise the cat bowl height to 4 ½ inches.
  • The Neater Feeder is responsibly manufactured from recyclable polypropylene plastic and is top rack dishwasher safe
Neater Feeder For Cats

How The Neater Feeder Works

These clean, mean cat dishes come in a range of sizes – small, medium and large plus a special size for felines, so will suit any pet. The cat Neater Feeder size has two bowls (stainless steel) that hold approximately 1 1/2 cups of food and water each. There is also different colors you can choose to suit individual decor.

The Neater Feeder has a range of extras and accessories that you may choose to add. Some of the extras are leg extensions to raise the height, spare food bowls and non-skid rubber inserts. Extra feeding bowls are handy to have for when they need to be washed or for when you are traveling with your cat.

The non-skid rubber inserts come standard with all of the Neater Feeders, but it is nice to know that replacements are available if yours get lost. These inserts prevent the Neater Feeder from moving around when your cat is dining or lapping!


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The Neater Feeder Cat Bowl has some great reviews. Most people find it a great help in keeping the area around their cat bowls clean, dry and tidy. Here are some of those reviews:


5.0 out of 5 stars neater feeder for sloppy cats By H.G. (New City, NY):As a veterinarian I have seen many products that have been offered to pet owners that I am less than impressed with. I also am an owner of two Himalayan cats that love to drag their food 2-3 inches from the food bowl. They make such an incredible mess everytime they eat. The neater feeder has literally solved this problem. I no longer have dry food kibbles rolling around my bedroom. The tray is an extremely simple and flawless design. I recommend this product to anyone who has messy eaters!
5.0 out of 5 stars COOL Neater Feeder for Cats By Manny (Chicago, Illinois): My Cat enjoys eating out of his Cool Neater Feeder & I personally Enjoy the NEATNESS on my floor as he used to constantly make a big mess with food on the floor.But NOT ANYMORE…The name fits this item/product very WELL .. I’m so GLAD I decided to purchase it & highly recommend it to ALL Cat owners !!
5.0 out of 5 stars Finally! By Plunderer: I’ve tried everything to stop my cat from knocking around her water bowl, with absolutely NO success. Until now. This is the first system that had ever worked for us, and I wish we had found it sooner.
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