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Kitten Supplies – What Do Kittens Need?

Bringing home a new kitten requires putting a little thought and planning into the various kitten products you are going to need to have on hand. Below is a quick summary of various kitten essentials and an explanation on why you will need these things.

What You Need For A Kitten:

Kitty Litter Box:

Kitten Supplies

Kittens Need Litter Boxes

The obvious one! The very first thing you will need is a litter box for your kitten, but what type of kitty litter box is the best? That will all depend on your personal like and dislikes and often it is better to use some cheap little litter trays until your kitten is a little bit older.

Before bringing home a new kitten, it is a good idea to have ample extra temporary litter trays in each room your new kitten will frequent to start off with. As she gets older and more reliable, you can remove the extra ones slowly.

Simple, low sided litter trays – around 3 inches high – will be your best choice. You can make some temporary extra ones by cutting down the sides of cardboard boxes and laying some newspaper in the bottom of them. Make sure that you actually put her into them so she knows where they are.

Please remember that even though your kitten should already be very well litter trained, she is a still baby, and she doesn’t have the control or foresight to seek out a litter tray when she needs to – if it is a long way away. It is always best to confine the kitten to just one room for the first few days, especially when unattended. Please don’t expect a young kitten to go miles away, all alone, into a laundry etc when she needs to go!

Kitty Litter:

Second most important of all the things you need for a kitten is a good litter tray (or two). And definitely a supply of kitty litter. It is always best for the first week or two to use the litter your new kitten is accustomed to.

Find out what that is and make sure that you have some on hand before getting your new kitten home.

After your kitten has settled in well and is using her litter trays without accidents, you can change over to whichever kitty litter you prefer. Change over by filling the trays with the new litter and sprinkling a handful of the old litter over the top.

Cat Tree Scratching Post:

What Do Kittens Need

Kittens Need A Cat Tree!

This is one very necessary item. Cats have an innate requirement to scratch. It exercises their muscles and also removes the spent sheaths off their claws.

And it feels really good to them to. Having a scratching post and teaching your kitten to use it will make sure she does not need to use your furniture to scratch on!

The best cat scratching posts for kittens will be sturdy and stable, and have a decent length of the scratching part. If the cat scratcher is a very tall one – you need to make sure the kitten is able to traverse all the different levels in safety.

You should show her how to use her own scratching post by holding her firmly and moving her from level to level slowly – so she can see and feel how to get up and down without falling off and injuring herself.

Kitten Toys:

Yup, one of the big kitten essentials is toys, toys and more toys. There are so many amazing cat toys available these days, many of them interactive designed for preventing boredom in indoor cats.

However, you don’t have to spend a great deal of money on this type of kitten stuff. Your new kitten will love simple things you can make at home such as crinkled up paper, bits of string with knots in them, pieces of grass, feathers from outside … Anything that moves and especially things that move erratically are great.

For more ideas on kitten essential toys, I have a list of ordinary items that your cat will love to play with here: How To Keep Cats Indoors

Cat Bed:

Buying a special cat bed for your kitten is not really necessary. Kittens tend to sleep where they drop and will often sleep all over the place. Buying a bed when she is young may be a waste of money.

Once you know your kitten’s personality traits as she grows older, then if you want to buy her a special kitty bed, you will have a better idea of exactly what she likes and is most likely to use for sleeping in.

See a huge range here: Cat Beds

Cat Grooming Supplies:

Depending on what type of kitten you have – grooming may be necessary. For example if you have a long haired Persian, you will need special brushes and cat grooming equipment. Most short haired cats do not really need grooming as they will keep their coat in order themselves. However, most cats do enjoy the intimacy experienced by a loving grooming session with their owner.

Search cat grooming supplies here.

Medical Equipment:

Cat Digital thermometerYou really do not need much in the way of medical equipment for a kitten: But one thing I always recommend people have in their kitten essentials kit is a digital rectal thermometer. This is so you can take your kitten’s temperature at a moments notice if you think there may be something wrong.

Thermometers are cheap to buy and can alleviate any anxiety you have by letting you know immediately if your kitten has a temperature and therefore if a vet visit is required.

For under $10 – and a great insurance policy – you can get a quality one here: Digital Thermometer.

Buying Kitten Supplies:

For more kitten supplies, have a browse through the links on the right hand side of my page where there are kitten products along with information and reviews for you to view.

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