How Do I Stop My Cat Biting Wires?

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Hi! I have a cat problem I’d really like your member’s help with, if that is possible. What can I do about my kitty chewing cords? Like cords from the internet and phones, etc. It has to be low-tech and inexpensive/ readily available for me. Please post and get a lot of different kinds of answers.

Thanks! Kendra Hittel via Facebook

Hi Kendra, if your cat is still a kitten, this is something she will most likely grow out of. Just be sure to keep her safe in the meantime!

Distraction is often one of the best tricks. It usually works when you are at home and see the cord biting in action. Use a favorite toy and tease your cat away from the cords. Make sure the are plenty of cool cat toys around, all the time.

When you’re home, give him lots of interactive play time. Teaser toys are great for exercise and mental stimulation, and a tired cat is a non-destructive cat.

Make sure there are no cords dangling around loosely, which can tempt a cat to play with them, bat at them and then bite them. Tucking them behind tables, sofas, etc. can help.

How do i stop my cat biting wires

You can purchase cord protection kits from hardware stores or computer supply stores.  These are hollow tubes that are pre-split down the side.  The cords are sequestered inside these large hollow tubes, preventing cats from getting at them.

Crittercord is a thick plastic cord cover that is infused with a citrus scent. Cats do not like the smell of citrus and are generally repelled from cords that are covered with it. (via

And here is a list of different things other people have tried and found successful:

How Do I Stop My Cat Biting Wires?

  • This High Tech Pet Pro Trainer Plus Sonic Cat & Dog Trainer is by far the most effective method I have found for handling my pain in the ass cat (who I love dearly) and her problems were a lot worse than cable you a quick, easy way to train your cat. It is a hand held, multi-tone electronic training aid that uses sound, not shock, to teach your cat to behave.
    The Pro Trainer Plus is unique in that it is a very humane yet, effective approach to obedience training.  It has been very effective, much more so than the squirt gun/spray bottle. I tried many of the things listed above and some more and this is the only thing that worked and its quite easy to position to keep them away from where you want. You can buy it here
  • Most cats find citrus oils offensive. Rub the outer part of citrus peels against the wires. Or if you want more bang you can get the essence (peel oil) of bitter orange and put that on it. That should ward the cat off.
  • Make fabric “sleeves” for the cords. These should be loose-fitting tubes, wide enough to fit the plug through. You might think you should use thick fabric to protect the cord, but I actually recommend you use thin fabric, perhaps something fuzzy like flannel. The idea is to make it less satisfying to chew on.
  • Try wiping the cords’ surfaces with lemon juice so that the cords taste nasty.
  • Try to apple or grape vinegar. Take a cloth and moisten it with the vinegar. Clean all your cables with it and observe your cats. It should work.
    Cover the cords with foil tape, cats don’t like the taste of foil.
  • Double sided tape is another option and lots of people have found that works.
  • One tubing product highly recommended by a woman with several chew-happy cats is American Terminal SL500-100 1/2-Inch Split Loom Tubing. She says it’s more likely to fit than the 1/4 inch size.
  • And if all else fails, you can buy metal electrical conduit. Although this is an expensive option, your cat won’t be able to chew through that!

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