Getting A New Kitten

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Getting a New Kitten?

Choosing a kitten for adoption is an exciting time, but there are many things to consider before bringing a new kitten home. Here I have listed a few ideas for you to take into account. Do lots of research and find out all about kittens and their needs.

Purebred Kitten Or Domestic

Purebred Kitten Or Domestic Kitten

Purebred Kitten or Domestic Kitten?

If you are thinking about adopting a purebred kitten, there are many resources where you can find out the different personality traits of each breed. And some of them do have quite differing natures and breed specific personality traits. For example there is the loyal and often very vocal Siamese, the adventurous and lively Abyssinian cat, the floppy and sweet Ragdoll cat (my breed!) … Then there is the appearance of the cat, because of course you must personally find your cat appealing.

A domestic cat, or those of mixed breeding can be quite as lovely as the purebreds, so do consider these as well.

A good place to start your search is your local kitten rescue organizations where you can usually find a number of baby kittens for sale. So why not take up this option and save a life?

One New Kitten Or Two?

This will depend on your family commitments, how much time you spend at home and the individual personality of the cat. Some cats really do prefer to live alone with their owners, not liking to share affection. While others will be much happier with a feline (or canine) friend. If you select a good breeder, they will be able to advise you about each kitten’s individual personality – because just like children in a family – all kittens are different too.

If you will be away from home for long periods, then you might like to have a good think about adopting two kittens. This way they will always have company when you are away from home. The costs will be increased just a teeny bit, but you will also have double the fun!

Two cats or kittens playing together are a source of endless amusement. And once they are mature cats, they will usually exercise and entertain themselves more when there are two of them. Usually you can find two kittens 4 sale from the same litter, which means they will settle into their new home a little bit quicker and easier.

One Kitten Or Two

One Kitten Or Two Kittens?

Where to Find Information About Kittens:

If you are still at the stage of deciding just what sort of kitten you would like to buy, here are some ideas of how to get good kitten information:

Cat Shows: Visiting cat shows is an excellent way to see all types, breeds and colors of cats in the flesh. You can also get to meet and talk with breeders. You might find a breed you simply adore and yet you didn’t even know it existed. In the case of breeders who do not allow visits into their homes, this is a great way to meet them in person and look at their cats and kittens. Watch how they handle their cats and also check out how well their felines are doing on the show-bench. Especially if you would like to show your own kitten in the future.

Read Cat Magazines: Look for them in your local news agency or library. There will be titles like Cat Fancy, Cats Magazine and Cats U.S.A. These magazines usually will have cat breeder’s directories at the back, where you can browse the advertisers and maybe locate some breeders near to your home to visit.

Cat Books: Check out some Cat Breed books at your local library, which should have many cat breed specific titles.

The Internet: Use the internet for your initial research, but do not depend upon it entirely. I suggest that you have a read of my article: Buying Kittens Online to make sure you take care when using the internet – especially prior to buying a kitten.

Getting A New Kitten

A New Kitten

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