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We have a question from a lady who’s cat started pooping in the house suddenly, when she normally goes to the toilet outside. Here is the message and my answer below:

My Cat Started Pooping In The House

My Cat is Stressed, I wonder if you could help? Since November 2013 our 11 year old female cat has started going to the toilet in our house! Not weeing just pooing. She used to go outside in the garden and has never needed to use a cat litter tray.

My cat started pooping in the houseWe bought a feliway diffuser about 3 weeks ago and it has made no difference. We have tried putting a cat litter tray down and although she uses it, she still poos on the floor in very prominent places. Most of the time it’s diarrhea. Just small quantities and it appears to be only at night she does this.

I have spoken to so many people to try and get help but everyone, even the vets, are baffled.

I’ve heard of a term called ‘Middening’ and our cat is showing classic signs of that.

We think it may be that another cat has come into the house or going to the toilet on her patch in the garden. However, our cat quite happily goes in and out of the cat flap day and night. We’ve tried blocking up our cat flap so she can physically see it blocked up but that has made no difference at all.

We really are at our wits end. We can’t contemplate going away or anything at the moment. How can we stop her pooing in the house and doing it in the garden as she used to.

I clean the area she has gone to the toilet in with disinfectant and biological soap powder.

Thank you very much for your time – Angela


Hi Angela, cats suddenly starting to poop inside the house is rather unnerving and usually makes no sense at all to us humans. But there is always a reason and therefore an answer. We just need to find it, which sometimes can be a little difficult.

Please remember that I am not a vet and this is not veterinary advice – just suggestions from my person experience.

A few things do stand out to me from your message, and these are:

  • Not weeing just pooing
  • Most of the time it’s diarrhea. Just small quantities and it appears to be only at night she does this
  • Quite happily goes in and out

So … to me, rather than an emotional/stress issue – this sounds like a classic case of diarrhea – which can be caused by a number of things. The most common of which is parasitic infection. Diarrhea can be painful (hence the inappropriate places she is going), it can be sudden and it can be very confusing to the cat.

Now, you could go to the vet and have fecal tests done, but this is usually very costly – as there are a number of parasites to be checked for. And what’s more – some parasites such as Giardia – may not always show up under testing, which is why many cat toilet problems that are actually caused by parasites – go undiagnosed.

So, what my plan of action would be if it was my own cat – is as follows. It will not cost a lot and even if it proves not to be parasites, then these two products I am recommending will improve your cat’s health regardless. (You can even use them yourself – I do!)

  • Buy some finely powdered Zeolite. You do not need the expensive human grade stuff, just what you can get from a feed store, but do make sure it is fine powder – not coarse.
  • Buy some Methylsulfonylmethane – commonly known as MSM – one of the most powerful and safe supplements I know. An excellent and effective alternative to chemical wormers, too.
Fine Zeolite Powder

Fine Zeolite Powder

You may be able to get both at either a local (human) health food store or a stock feed store. Just make sure both products are pure with absolutely no additives such as herbs or other things.

Add both to her food. The Zeolite about 1/4 teaspoon per meal. The MSM also approx 1/4 teaspoon into meals.

The Zeolite is tasteless and she should not mind it at all, and you can even put more in than I have suggested to start off initially.

The MSM does have a taste. My cats do not mind it (and I sometimes really pile it in), but if your girl does, then just start with a teeny bit and build up.

Try to feed her twice a day at least.

If it is parasites causing diarrhea, then you will see a major improvement within a couple of weeks – but most likely very much sooner. When the diarrhea is cleared up, she should return to her regular, clean toileting habits.

However, you must keep up with the supplements for at least two months preferably longer. The reason for this is that many of the cyst type parasites are intermittently protected inside their cysts. While they are inside the cysts, they are safe – this is also why they often don’t show up on fecal exams.

You can make these two supplements a regular addition to your cat’s food. I have seen this combination clear up cats who have had years of intermittent and/or chronic diarrhea that no vet has been able to clear up with drugs. It works – it is 100% safe and natural. You may also notice a dramatic improvement in the feel of your cat’s coat.

Now, if you have not started to see an improvement of some degree within three weeks, then I would suggest having blood work done and making sure all your kitty’s organs are functioning properly.

I know it is so horrible if your cat started pooping in the house. I hope this helps and please do let me know how things go, OK?

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