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The joys of living with a feline (or two) can sometimes come accompanied with little difficulties that we need to overcome. Some cat problems we experience may be health problems. These will need a systematic approach to seek out the cause and to restore health.

And other cat problems are behavioral. Usually some simple cat training steps will help to alleviate behavioral problems in your cat. Most people do not realize that cats are able to be trained at all. In fact, people will quickly tell you that you cannot train cats, but that your cat WILL train you!

The common understanding is that cats are not owned by us at all – rather, they own us. This can be true to a certain extent, but cats do honestly respond rather well to proper cat training.

It is my goal to provide you with information and resources to help you properly care for your cat in a loving and positive way. There will be lots of health related information and training tips to help you achieve this.

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Hi, I am Ashley. I have been a lover of cats since I was a small child. I was always the one bringing home stray animals of all kinds and getting into trouble. As an adult I have been able to indulge my passion for cats 🙂 and now have 7 of the most beautiful feline friends, along with my dogs.

Ashley Cat Problems Advice EditorI was a breeder of the gorgeous Ragdoll Cat for a number of years. I took pride in being one of the few completely holistic cat breeders! And I took great pride in showing and titling my gorgeous cats.

But I had major problems with letting the kittens go off to new homes, and in the end – I simply couldn’t do it. My breeders were desexed, some re-homed into fantastic families and I still have seven.

I hope to be able to share some of the knowledge on cats that I have accumulated over the years as an owner, as a Ragdoll breeder – and as a “who to call” when my kitten owners needed help.

I do not profess to be any sort of cat expert – just a cat lover and ex-breeder, who wants to share great information. Since I believe there is too much in the way of drugs being administered to or cats, I will also be developing a section of my website on natural remedies for cats, including sections on homeopathy, natural fleas and worming treatments and general natural cat care.

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Please have a good look around as there is more content being added all the time. It is early days yet, but there will be frequent updating of my website, so remember to call back frequently.

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Ashley Martin

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