Buying A New Kitten – Considerations

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Buying A New Kitten – Considerations:

Before bringing home new kitten, there are some  things you should consider thoroughly. Every one in the house should be  involved in the discussions about buying a kitten for your family as  they will all have their own part to play.

As a new baby kitten will be a member of your family for a very long time, it is  important to find the right kitten, one that will fit in with your  household and with your lifestyle. There are many different breeds available, and they all have different needs and care requirements.

A New Kitten

Buying a New Kitten?

For example, it would not be a wise decision to buy a gorgeous longhaired Persian cat – if no-one will have the time to take good care of it’s coat. So these are thing that you need to take into account, before even starting to look for your new kitten.

You would be best advised to do lots and lots of research into kittens, different breeds, care and feeding requirements. This will help make sure that your final decision will be a good, informed one.

I have lots of kitten buyer tips and also cat breed information pages here on Cat problems Advice website, which may  help you decide which type or if any particular kitten is right for you and your family. So do take the time to have a browse around.

Here are a few quick considerations to take into account, before you choose a new kitten:

Firstly,  a cat can live up to 20 or more years, so this is definitely something  you want to consider. Are you prepared for that sort of a commitment?

Secondly,  bear in mind all of the costs involved. Ongoing expenses for your  kitten, though small, can add up if you are on a limited budget. These  costs will include cat food, cat litter and routine veterinary visits.  The vet visits will include annual health check-ups, flea and worming  treatments and vaccinations.

Other than those, cats do not normally  require a great deal of medical expenses. However, you should be  prepared for any accidents or sudden illnesses that may happen and the  costs that may be involved – remember Murphy’s Law! Emergency vet care  can be extremely expensive.

When very young, your kitten will be  quite needy. Being a little baby just removed from mom and littermates  and all she has ever known, she will want a lot of your attention. To  ensure your new kitten grows into a well-adjusted and confident cat, it  is important to make sure the early days are full of nurturing, love and  reassurance.

As she grows older she will be come a little more  independent, but will still require quality time spent with her each day  playing and petting etc. There are also the maintenance things like  feeding her and litter tray cleaning.

Think about arrangements for  times when you are not at home; for when you are away on holiday or  work commitments. Is someone able to care for your kitten, or will you  have to hire a pet sitter or arrange a stay at a cattery? It is a good  idea to check out these options well in advance, before you actually  need them.

Consider how much you want to spend on your new kitten,  as some pedigree breeds are very expensive and all are moderately so.  Registered breeders tend to price their kittens around the same figure.  If you find a kitten way below the average going rate, that should raise  a few red flags, and you would be best to find out why.

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