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Buy Kittens Online At Your Peril!

If you want to know where to buy kittens, then I have some very important advice here for you. Please read on to make sure you do not become a victim of one of the many internet scammers out there today. There are many who target online buyers. Even people looking for kittens for sale are not safe from these fraudsters.

Buy Kittens Online


Kittens For Sale Online:

While the internet is a fantastic research tool to research cat breed traits, make sure that the sites you are reading are actually providing helpful and factual information. (There are a lot of nonsense sites out there!). You can go online to locate and contact breeders. Find out some information on how their cattery is run, and what their cats look like. You can see photos of the kittens that the breeder has currently for sale. Or ask to go onto their kitten buyer waiting list.

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Buy Kittens – Beware!

Most good breeders will want some information about you and the home you have to offer a new kitten. This is to make sure you would be a good owner. And they will want to know this BEFORE accepting a deposit or any payment from you.

Good breeders make a REAL effort to place their kittens into the best homes they can. And they always care about their future welfare. If a breeder or seller does not ask any information about you, or does not seem to care – please be extremely cautious!

Other than cat registry websites and breeders own websites, there is so much misinformation on the Internet now. It is really not place I would recommend buying a kitten from, without you doing a whole heap of research on the seller first. After the initial contact, you want to at least be able to talk to the breeder on the phone. Or better still – visit the cattery in person.

When buying kittens, take every step you can to make sure the breeder is a real person and is in fact a real breeder. A registered breeder will be listed at their cat registry website. And if asked, they can give your their details and their registration number. You can the verify their credentials.

Cheap Kittens For Sale:

Never make a deposit for cheap kittens for sale online. There are so many scammers out there, please, please, please take care. Often you can pick these shonky sites, but many times they look very professional, and you cannot pick them.

Cheap Kittens For Sale

Be Cautious Of Kittens For Sale

In a situation I know of recently – a cat breeder discovered that text and descriptions of her cattery plus photos of kittens on her site – had been directly copied off her website. This was all pasted into a website produced from someone in some third world country.

They had put Paypal deposit buttons onto the photos of the kittens! And were obviously targeting people looking to buy kittens by getting them to pay deposits on non-existent kittens!

Actually buying a kitten aside, information itself is nowadays not so reliable on the internet, as so many websites are set up just for marketing by people who have no first hand knowledge of the subject they are “giving advice” on.

They use cheap foreign researchers and the subject matter is often convoluted and mixed up in translation. For example I recently saw a photo of a Seal Point Ragdoll kitten (seal means dark brown). The caption on the photo described it as a Flame Point (but flame means ginger). Duh!

Where To Get A New Kitten

Where To Buy Kittens? Always Research Well.

So you see what I mean. Please do not believe everything you read on the Internet, unless you know the source is very genuine!

When researching where to buy kittens, I recommend that you just stick just to cat breeders pages and cat registry websites. That way you can be sure the information is reasonably factual and valid.

And when looking for kittens for sale – NEVER buy kittens online or pay any amount of a deposit – without making 100% sure everything is above board. If you inadvertently pay money out to a scammer – you will never see it again – or get a kitten either!

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