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Armarkat Cat Tree:

This Armarkat Cat Tree is modern cat tree and an ideal choice for cat owners who do not want to swap a handy end table for a traditional cat tree.

Armarkat Cat Trees

Armarkat Cat Tree B5701

This is a nice sized cat tree that does not take up a whole lot of room, yet provides different levels and activities for your cat. There is space for more than one cat, so the Armacat Tree would be suitable for a multi-cat household.

Your cat will have a terrific time climbing, exploring, exercising, scratching, or just kicking back and relaxing on one of the levels or inside the privacy cube. It is one of the best cat tree designs around.

The attractive pressed wood unit with ivory-colored faux fleece covering which looks attractive and will fit in with most household decors.

This cat tree is quick and easy to assemble, and comes supplied with complete instructions and the necessary assembly tools included. 57 inches high. Holds up to 40 pounds.

Armarkat Cat Tree Features:

  • Great unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising
  • Made from attractive pressed wood with faux fleece covering
  • Looks great in any room
  • Easy assembly
  • Instruction manual and necessary tools included
  • Color: Ivory
  • Holds up to 40 pounds
  • 28 x 25 x 57 inches

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Armakat Cat Tree Reviews From Customers:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product By mamaval: We have 7 cats and they all love it.It was easy to assemble and it is comparable to those you can purchase in pet super stores.(It’s better than some)I would recommend this product.I am currently looking at other sizes and would definately purchase another one.

5.0 out of 5 stars Kitty Paradise By Aegir Dragonfire: I bought this cat tree for my two cats (one adult about a year old and one kitten about 4 months old) who had been disagreeing since the younger of the two arrived. They both instantly fell in love with it, and have even stopped fighting since it arrived! I worried at first that the top perch has the tiniest wobble to it, but it doesn’t seem to bother either kitty. They play on it and sit next to each other watching the squirrels go by.

It’s a great product that I’d recommend to anyone with one or more cats. It’s really sturdy with a good solid base. As long as you tighten all the bolts enough, you shouldn’t have any wobble to 95% of its structure (just the very top and only a tiny bit). Assembly is pretty easy, just make sure to put the flat headed bolts in the bottom of the base and not the rounded ones.

That might sound like a no-brainer, but all but two of the bolts are the same length and width so it can get confusing if you’re not paying close attention. Also, the directions show the two cat perches on top having the wall lip facing to the right side. My declawed cat found this problematic so I unscrewed the lower one and rotated it 90 degrees counter-clockwise and re-attached it.

This seems to be a better configuration than the original because the lips now on the outside edges of the tree and serve to hold the kitties in rather than block their path to the top. The tall posts give both cats things to scratch so they can get a good stretch.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent buy! Would buy again! By B. Grosse (Arkansas): I’ve had it for over a year now and my two cats LOVE it.
They were ready to climb on it just pulling the pieces out of the box.

The little ball attachment the broke/pulled off quickly, but you can replace it if you want. It’s easy to put together and comes with all the tools and even an extra ball/string.

They take turns on the different top most piers. They never sleep in the box part. They scratch and play on it ALL the time. Though they are allowed on everything in the house (except the kitchen counters) they seem to like that this is exclusively theirs.

I highly recommend it. It is easy to vacuum with the brush attachment. Try to not let it get soiled as using cleaner on it will separate the fabric from the wood (but it’s not bad when that happens, it’s just not exactly the same).

The best quality/best priced item I could find like it. I see it lasting several more years.

I would definitely purchase this again.

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