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I’m thinking of adding a second cat. Is it a good idea?

Adding a Second Cat? One cat in a household can often lead to more – but is getting a second cat always a good idea? This article discusses some considerations you should take into account, before deciding to get that second or third cat. 

First of all, make sure you want a new cat, don’t get a new pet assuming the existing cat will like it.


A Second Cat

So adding a second cat can be a problem?

Cats are creatures of habit. Whenever you alter their routine or disrupt their environment, they have to go through a period of adjustment, just like the rest of us. For a cat that is used to being the only cat in the house, bringing in another cat can seem like a competitor rather than a companion.

What to do to make the addition of a new cat easier?

The new cat or kitten should be seen by your veterinarian to make sure it is healthy. Tests for parasites and infectious diseases must be done before you take the cat home.

Once at home, place the cats in separate rooms with their own food and litter boxes for a couple days, then switch rooms. This will allow the cats to meet each other indirectly through their sense of smell.

Make sure the first face to face visits are supervised, just in case there are problems.

Continue to keep an additional litter box available so that the extra competition doesn’t result in an unsightly accident.

Slowly allow more and longer duration of contact between the cats until they seem comfortable or at least not confrontational. Two (or more) unrelated cats placed together in a home may not become the best of friends, but they will at a minimum learn to co-exist.

One thing you need to be aware of is that your current cat might not like to share his litter box, so it is a good idea to have extras around. Check out some good cat litter box reviews, before deciding to buy another one.

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