The Cornish Rex Cat

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The Cornish Rex Cat

A unique breed the Cornish Rex Cat is making inroads into the hearts of families around the world. Read on for more information.

The Cornish Rex cat breed began like a number of ofter breeds of cat as an accident of nature. They originated in the 1950s in Cornwall, United Kingdom, where a genetic mutation appeared in a litter of kittens.


Cat Breed Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex


The kittens all had extremely fine and curly down as hair – quite different from most other breeds of cat. And even their whiskers were curly.

Breeders decided to selectively breed for this trait by means of inbreeding and crossbreeding. A number of other breeds of cat were included in the establishment of the breed period so the ‘coat’ on a Cornish Rex comes in many colors and patterns.

Cornish Rexes are a small to medium sized cat, and have quite a slender bone structure. Although they may feel much heavier than they look, Cornish Rexes are quite thin boned and they have lean muscles. They have a normal life expectancy for a cat of around 14 years.

A Cornish Rex may also come with a peculiar odor that some people describe as ‘cheesy’. This odd odor is produced from scent glands in the cat’s paws.

As a result of using numerous other cats in the early days of establishing the Cornish Rex cat breed, they come in many different coat colors and patterns.

Are Cornish Rex Cats Hypo-Allergenic?

Because of their very short coat, people assume that a Cornish Rex cat will be a good choice for people with allergies, however they do shed their coat somewhat. Although the shedding is far less than most other cat breeds, and of course they groom themselves regularly.


Do Cornish Rex Make Good Pets?

Cornish Rexes have a wonderful social nature, which makes this unusual looking kitty an excellent pet. They enjoy being around humans and they are a very playful, curious and affectionate breed of cat.

They can also be very active, but also love their rest time and a Cornish Rex will often be found curled up on the couch or in someones lap.

Though they enjoy being petted and groomed, due to the nature of their coat, the Cornish Rex breed shouldn’t be brushed too roughly because this can damage their coat hairs

Cornish Rexes tend to get cold easily – for obvious reasons – and of course they should be kept indoors.

Cornish Rex cats can be prone to baldness which comes from a disorder known as hypotrichosis.



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