The Bird Cat Toy

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The Bird Cat Toy:

One of the most popular of all interactive cat toy, the Da Bird Cat Toy encourages instinctual behaviors and exercise to keep your cat healthy and alert.

The Bird Cat Toy

The Bird Cat Toy – Da Bird

This is the Easy Store 2 part pole version of the Da Bird cat toy. You can pull it apart and it takes up half the space when storing.

Handcrafted in the USA with top quality materials, the bird cat toy feather teaser simulates the motion of a bird at your control. Set on a swivel, its feathers look, sound, and feel like real bird wings and will drive your cat wild!

Important Warning: As with ALL string objects in a home, SAFETY comes first. It is very easy for an unattended cat or kitten to become entangled in string that they are playing with. So do not ever leave the Da Bird – or any cat toy with string – laying around if you are not present, put it away safely after each use.


The Bird Cat Toy Product Details:

  • Da Bird cat toy includes 36″ 2 part wand, 32″ nylon string, and one feather dangler.
  • Fiberglass wand comes apart in two pieces for compact storage.
  • Replacement feathers are available
  • Additional accessories available for Da Bird cat toy.
  • Comes in assorted colors and picked at random


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Da Bird Cat Toy Customer Reviews:

At the time of writing this, there are 159 customer reviews and it has been given a 5 Star rating. People who have bought the bird cat toy have found it to be a great source of hours of amusement. The cats really love the bird-like behavior, as you can see from the antics in this Da Bird cat toy customer photo below.


Cat Toy Da Bird

Cat Toy Da Bird – Customer Photo from Amazon


NOTE: Some people have mentioned that the fiberglass that the wand is made of can splinter after use, so if you buy one it would be a good idea to wrap the wand in tape. Otherwise the reviews are very good. You can read some of the customer reviews at Amazon below:


5.0 out of 5 stars Got my lazy cat jumping! By onetwothree:I’ve only had this toy one day but even if it falls apart after a month or two I will happily buy another one because it is the only toy I’ve found that keeps my bored kitty engaged and on the hunt. The feathers spin as you move the toy so it’s a pretty appealing prey. Also, the pole and string are long enough so that you don’t have to be up and moving around with it in order to give your cat exercise. Try it!


4.0 out of 5 stars My cat is obsessed! But. By Erin: My cat LOVES this toy. In fact, he literally walks around crying and meowing to beg for it. It’s actually been an issue for us. We have to hide it each time in a different spot, and only when the little guy isn’t looking. It’s been this way since the very moment he saw that “bird” fly. Now, I was confused when I saw this toy online, not really even understanding what the hype was about, but, but believe it or not, its simple little feathers really do work some kitty magic. They move and “fly” in an amazing bird-like manner that impressed even the humans. It really whips by with a realistic sound too.
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome. By Casey: My cat loves this thing. It is a great tool for interactive play. Your kitty will get an amazing physical and mental workout. Da Bird will capture your cat’s attention instantly. I will be getting two more. Another for my other cats and the other for the cats at the shelter that I work with.


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