Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews

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Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews. Ideal for big cats or multiple-cat households, the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box quickly self-cleans, while controlling dust and containing odors.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box Owner Reviews

How To Use The OmegaPaw

Simply roll the litter box to the right until the top touches the floor, and then roll it back to the upright position. The unit’s internal mechanism deposits the clumped waste into the pullout waste tray for easy disposal.

The system works only with clumping litter, and the waste tray separates clumped waste from clean litter, so clean litter is never thrown away.

Inside The OmegaPaw Litterbox

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box inside

The Omega Paw litter box makes it easy to provide the cat not only with a clean litter box, but also with privacy due to the covered pan design. The litter box also helps save money–no more scoops, liners, or filters to buy.

Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Litter Box Video

This video is of Michael Ebert the inventor demonstrating how to use and clean the cat litterbox.

Product Benefits & Features

  • Large litter box self cleans by rolling to the right and back again
  • Waste collects in the pullout tray for quick, easy disposal
  • Effectively controls dust and contains odors
  • Measures 19-1/2 by 22 by 20 inches

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Customer Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews

Four owner reviews

  • S.R. Says…

    With three cats in my arsenal of cats this box works best for me. I have tried all kinds of boxes even the expensive motor driven kind. This works best. just roll and empty. One of my cats likes to pee on the inside wall of the box which killed the Littermaid, and hampered cleaning with the various other boxes I’ve owned. This box deals with it better because it is a MANUAL operated box. The cats cannot physically pee on the grate that separates the clumps from the clean litter. Just roll it over daily and empty the container. Nothing is perfect, but this comes close. A bargain compared to the Littermaid and other “high-tech” boxes in terms of cost and maintenance. Finally someone applied physics to a cat box. Give that person a raise!

  • PJ Says…

    I have been searching for a better cat box forever. This is purrrfect! Very roomy inside and super easy to clean. I can even get my kids to do it for a change! lol Great price too!

  • Raymond W. Reynolds Says…

    This product meets my expectations once it was assembled, although I had some difficulty assembling it. It works very well for my 3 cat household.

  • B. Taylor Says…

    I’ve had this litter box for a little over two months now. The cats seem to have no aversion to it and use it like they should. My main complaint, which is partially my fault, is that if it is filled too full it will not work properly. When filled too much the litter sifting area cannot hold all the litter and then in turn this causes clean litter to be deposited in with the used. Another complaint I have is that smaller pieces are able to fall through the sifting divider. With two cats it is necessary to sift the litter daily. Overall, it was worth the price paid and my cats are happy with it.

For more info and to purchase: Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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