Marilyn Krieger’s Naughty No More Cat Training Book

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Marilyn Krieger’s Naughty No More Cat Training Book

Clicker Training For Cats made Easy! People usually think that cats are pretty much un-trainable, and that they just have to put up with cat behavior that they find obnoxious or just simply annoying. Well, the fact is that most cats can be trained, and trained very well. 


Marilyn Krieger - Naughty No More Cat Training Book

Marilyn Krieger’s Clicker Training Book


Cat behavior problems can be resolved with simple, positive behavior modification techniques.

Clicker training for cats is one such method that produces very positive results in the shortest time possible. Not only can clicker training resolve problem behavior, but it will also strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

And Clicker Training is so much fun as well. Cats love it just as much as their owners do!

Naughty No More! is written in a very easy to understand manner and is especially for beginners – and anyone, even children, can get started training their cat very quickly. Apart from ranking highly in best selling cat care books arena, Naughty No More! has received several awards which include:

  • Tidy Cats Feline Behavior Award
  • Muse Medallion – 2011 Cat Writers Association Communication Contest
  • Best Cat Behavior Book – 2012 Reader’s Choice Award

Naughty No More was written by a top Clicker Training expert – Marilyn Krieger who is a certified cat behavior consultant. She is an internationally recognized cat behavior specialist and uses positive training techniques for solving a wide range of cat behavior problems.

Marilyn Krieger’s Naughty No More cover topics such as:

  • Clicker training basics
  • How to stay off the counter, table and other furniture
  • How to not scratch the furniture
  • How to sit and stay
  • Not to bolt out of doors
  • Meet and live with other cats and pets without stress
  • How to solve toileting problems
  • Correcting aggressive behavior
  • How to travel without stress (including veterinarian visits)

As well as all of the above basic cat training help, the book you will learn how you can teach a cat tricks – some wonderful and amusing tricks as well.

Marilyn Krieger’s Naughty No More! is available to purchase here

if you want to see a clicker trained cat in action, this cool video shows a little sweetie kitty’s 30 Amazing Cat Tricks. It is only a couple of minutes long – and you will really enjoy it. Here is just some of this cats tricks you can see… Roll over, Touch a Target Stick, Stick ’em up (sit up on back legs, paws up, stay), Go to a mark, Service (ring a desk bell), and Play the piano. Enjoy!


Marilyn Krieger’s Naughty No More! is available to purchase here


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