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Make A Cat Scratching Post:

Is your cat scratching on and destroying your furniture? A good scratching post is an absolute must for any cat, most especially if they don’t have access to the outdoors. It will help in preventing cats from scratching furniture.  Cats have an inherent need to scratch and by providing them with their own cat scratching tree, you can save your furniture from destruction.

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Kitty Will Love Her Scratching Post

First of all, when thinking of making or buying a cat scratching tree, you should determine which cat scratching tree would be best for your cat. This will depend on the size of your cat, her climbing ability and also her age.

Questions to ask yourself are:

  • What size cat scratching tree is good for kittens?
  • What size is better for adult cats?
  • Huge Cat scratching trees or small cat scratching trees?
  • Is it easy to navigate?

For kittens, I recommend you to have a small, wide and stable cat scratching tree. Small cats and especially young kittens may easily fall of a tall cat scratching tree and hurt themselves.

And some scratching posts are not designed to allow cats to get down easily. Kittens tend to leap before they look – so a lower cat tree until she is a little older is advisable.

Make sure when buying or making your kitten scratching tree, that there are no thin, high ledges because it is so easy for a kitten to fall off these. Often, the ledges are not of a shape or placement that the kitten can come down with ease.

How Will A Cat Scratching Tree Entertain My Cats?

By playing, jumping and scratching cats and kittens have a great time on cat scratching trees. They really enjoy being high up and looking down, and they also love the fun and exercise of climbing up a cat scratching tree. Scratching up and down the cat scratching tree – and playing hide and seek if you own two or more cats.

For almost all cats, and of course kittens love this the most: you can hang mice and cat toys off the cat tree. This provides extra entertainment and play fun and will help to keep them from getting bored.

If you have a very large cat, you should probably choose a larger cat scratching tree, so he has lots of room to climb and scratch and will be able to exercise himself thoroughly on the cat scratching tree. Make sure it has nice, long posts so he can really stretch out and exercise those muscles.

For older and more sedentary cats, choose a cat tree with more room and wider ledges for him to hang from and to lounge around on – and more places to scratch.

Build Your Own Cat Scratching Post

Cat Trees can be extremely expensive. But if you are handy and a bit of a do-it-yourself person, then why not make your own cat tree. There is a really wide range of designs you can come up with, you just need some ideas.

You can make small safe ones for when your kitten is a baby and extend it as she grows up. Or just build a sky-scraper scratching post right up.

If you are interested in how to build cat tree, take a peek at these informative videos. Ideal for Do-It-Yourself types and also for inexperienced beginners. In the second video, you are shown how to make the large cat tree pictured below!

Video - How To Make A Cat Scratching Post

Video – How To Make A Cat Scratching Post

This first video shows how to make a small but useful scratching post


For those who are a little bit handier with tools, this video shows how to make a fantastic cat scratching post with lots of bells and whistles.


So, why not make a scratching post for your own cat – or even learn how to make cat trees to sell! It’s easy and you can use cheap and even free materials to keep the costs way down. Why not give it a go – you will save a lot of money and have some fun making a cat tree yourself.

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