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Living Cat Tree: I just had to share this video on where cats like to perch. As a breeder I have seen some really odd cat behaviors, but this one is just too funny! We all know that cats like to perch, and that they like to be up high.



Living Cat Tree

Living Cat Tree Perch!



I love funny cat videos and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.


Okay, so one night as I’m standing there brushing my teeth after my shower, this one decides the top of my head would make a great spot to chill out and groom herself and, well, it’s now become a routine…



Thanks to everyone who is enjoying this video- I can’t believe how it took off like this.

I want to address all of you who are agonizing over this mouthwash issue, lol.

Yes, apparently I’m a freak because I rinse before brushing, vs after. I may be completely misinformed, but here’s my logic: similar to the concept of pre-treating a stained shirt before washing it, I use Listerine to break up/dissolve/loosen anything possible, to make brushing more productive.

Makes theoretical sense, right?

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