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How To Provide A Good Environment for Cats

This article is all about how to provide a good environment for cats. It is vitally important that you keep your precious cat in a safe environment. Felines tend to be very inquisitive animals, and because of that can get themselves into all sorts of problems. Give them an inch and they may just take a mile!

Living close to a road, even a minor road should be of major concern for a  cat owner. Being that they normally like to wander, seeking out other kitties and people too, and just generally surveying their world.

Keep your cat safe

A Confined Cat

A cat can cover a surprising distance, particularly at night. As an owner, you safest option is to keep your cat confined from dusk until morning. That way it will stay safe and you will have peace of mind in knowing it is home and safe.

Your cat may not like it at first, having been used to wandering at will. But he will soon adjust to the change.

You can maybe keep your cat inside the house. Or if you have a well cat-proofed enclosure, she can still enjoy a cat’s normal nocturnal pursuits. If you are using an outdoor enclosure, just make sure to do regular checks on the containment, as you probably well know, some cats are particularly excellent climbers, and little Houdinis when it comes to getting out.

Cats also need protection from other animals, and dogs in particular are a big concern. They can be deadly to a cat. Fighting with other cats is the leading cause of cat fight abscess.  Owners of cats that are allowed to wander frequently have to foot large Veterinary bills to tend to the damage cats can be prone to.

Although cross-species infection is not common, cats can pick up infections from other animals. Feces from dogs and other animals may contain harmful bacteria. Feline viral infections like Cat Flu and Chlamydia are very common. They are also highly contagious and can be transmitted by one single sneeze. Therefore, you do really need to know where your cat is at all times, and make sure those places are safe for her.

When making sure you provide a good environment for cats, have a good look around in general, using common sense and see of there are any problem areas, and things that could cause danger.

Good Environment For Your Cat

If you are able to provide a cat door for unrestricted access to your house, this will be appreciated by a cat that likes to spend time outside during the day or night. But again, it is best if the cat door opens onto a cat-safe enclosure.

One vitally important step you need to take, is to make sure your cat is neutered or spayed. De-sexed cats have much less of a tendency to wander seeking out other cats. And you will also not be adding to the pet overpopulation problem.

De-sexed animals certainly make a lot better pet than an entire one, as they do not spray urine or howl when in season.

Make sure that you have some form or permanent identification on your cat. This can be a microchip or a tattoo that is registered with a proper pet identification registry. This will enable your cat to be found in the event it gets lost, strays or removed from your care in some other way.

It is really just common sense that is needed to keep your cat safe. And of course it is worth any effort you may have to put in to ensure your cat lives a long and safe life with you.

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