FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

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FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy:

Ok, now most of us kitty owners already know just how much enjoyment cats get out of laser toys, and the FroliCat BOLT laser takes it to a whole new level. This laser cat toy offers many hours of fun for both cats and their owners! Endlessly entertain even the laziest of cats with these automatically-generated red laser patterns.

You just simply hold the FroliCat BOLT laser cat toy in your hand or else you can place it on a flat surface Then turn it on and watch your cat pounce, chase, and bat at the exciting laser patterns.

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy Reviews

FroliCat BOLT Laser Cat Toy

A finalist in the 2009 Chicago Innovation Awards, the FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Toy can entertain you and your cat for hours. Hold it in your hand or place it on a flat surface. The FroliCat BOLT emits an automatically generated red laser pattern that will have your kitty leaping, jumping, and batting with glee.

You can use this laser toy it in it’s automatic mode and watch your cat chase random patterns. Or you can interact with your cat and use it in the manual mode, this way you are in control and  can aim the laser dot wherever you like. You can create your own exciting laser patterns. You can also adjust the mirror to aim the laser across a variety of surfaces. Even the laziest of cat will have an absolute ball.

The FroliCat laser will automatically shut itself off after 15 minutes in either mode, or you can operate the manual on/off switch. Requires 4 AA batteries (sold separately).

  • Entertain you and your cat with automatically generated red laser patterns
  • Has both an automatic and a manual mode
  • Automatically shuts down after 15 minutes
  • Hold in in your hand or place on a flat surface
  • Requires 4 AA batteries which are sold separately

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FroliCat BOLT Laser Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars My cat LOVES this thing. By H. Griffin: I was a bit skeptical of this thing when I saw the mixed reviews. I was worried my cat would get bored with it quickly like some others have said. However, my cat is in LOVE with this thing. She comes running when she hears the whir of it and gets sad for a while when it turns itself off. She has a blast chasing it every time and we get a kick out of watching her. My husband also uses it to keep her amused when he is trying to clean and she gets in his way. It is true that is not very random, but my cat still hasn’t figured out the pattern well enough to be bored. She doesn’t care as long as she gets to chase that glorious red light and make her signature “hunting” noise. Best cat toy I have ever purchased (excluding the floor to ceiling cat tree from Walmart). Is definitely my cats favorite, just above twist ties. We put it on the third shelf of a bookcase and it circles the whole floor of our living room from that height.
5.0 out of 5 stars awesome. By Daren L Scott: My bengal is kind of a hyperactive freak over lasers regardless and I always feel guilty about not playing with her enough. I’ve only had this thing for a day but its really cool. I have it on my mantle and it works very good. It moves around for a bit then stops…then moves again. She tries to ignore it after a few minutes but can’t for long. I have no idea if it will last or how long these batteries will last but its certainly worth the ~$13 it cost.

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