5 Foods Cats Should Not Eat

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5 Foods Cats Should Not Eat

Some of the foods that us people eat and love, are toxic to cats. We all know how hard it is to refuse that gorgeous little furry face when they are begging for a piece of our meal. Most of us in fact don’t resist.And here – the problem is that you may be giving your cat something that is one of the harmful foods for cats.

The best thing is to try and teach your cat good manners and not have them around the table when human meals are being served. The biggest reason for not giving in to the requests for scraps from your plate is a lot more important than just good manners though.

This page highlights the most common of the foods cats should not eat.

Some Common Toxic Foods For Cats

Onions and Garlic:

Foods Cats Should Not Eat

Onions & Garlic – Toxic To Cats

Top of the list of foods cats should not eat comes onions and garlic, and other plants in the same family.

Onions and garlic can damage red blood cells and lead to anemia in cats. So make sure your cat keeps well clear of them. Onions are the worse of the two, but both should be avoided.

Garlic is often used as an inclusion in natural type flea control products – so look out for that.

Remember that a lot of human dishes, including baby food, have onion or garlic in their recipes. Onions and garlic can also be extremely toxic to dogs.


Foods Cats Should Not Eat - Tomatoes Are Harmful to Cats

Tomatoes are Harmful Foods For Cats

Tomatoes are in the “nightshade” group of vegetables which also includes potatoes. Tomatoes of all kinds, but most especially green tomatoes are in the toxic foods for cats list.

This includes including the stems and leaves of the tomato plant, as well. Tomatoes can cause severe gastrointestinal upset.

Make sure not to feed your cat any cooked leftovers that contain tomato as an ingredient.

Tomatoes are also toxic to dogs and horses.


Foods Cats Should Not Eat -  Cats Shouldn't Eat Chocolate

Cats And Chocolate Are A No-No

Is chocolate bad for cats? Sorry but yes – the ultimate people treat – is very toxic to cats, and can actually be deadly. The degree of toxicity and the symptoms that will appear depends on the weight of the cat and also the amount and type of the chocolate it has eaten. Different types of chocolate have varying amounts of the toxic component, which is Theobromine.

Although chocolate can be a healthy food for humans, cats are unable to break down and excrete the Theobromine.

Keep cats and chocolate apart at all times.


Foods Cats Should Not Eat - Milk Is Toxic For Cats

Milk – Toxic To Cats

For generations we have related cats with saucers of milk, but the reality is once they have been weaned as kittens, milk is just plain bad for them.

While milk is not actually toxic or poisonous to cats as such, they do not have the right  system to digest it, therefore it can have side effects for cats that are extremely unpleasant. Once they have been weaned as kittens, most cats become lactose-intolerant. Therefore drinking milk may cause them digestive upsets, stomach cramps, gas (needs to be strongly avoided with indoor cats!) and diarrhea.

Let’s face it though, most cats adore a saucer of milk, and most owners love to give it to them. An occasional lap of milk as a special treat should not do much harm, but do not over do it or make it a regular thing.

Grapes and Raisins

Foods Cats Should Not Eat - Raisins are Toxic to Cats

Toxic Foods For Cats

Scientists are not sure exactly what it is that makes grapes and raisins toxic to both dogs and cats, but even a relatively small amount can damage the kidneys. And like other foods toxic to cats, one feline will be more prone than another – depending on the cat’s personal constitution.

The ASPCA advises: “As there are still many unknowns with the toxic potential of grapes and raisins, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center advises not giving grapes or raisins to pets in any amount.”

Try not to give your cat any food treats like cookies or breads that may contain grapes or raisins.

There are a number of natural foods you can give your cat as a special treat, so use these instead of any human food that may be toxic to cats. By following a few simple rules, you can ensure that cats can potentially lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

Do your best to feed your cat a healthy, balanced diet of natural foods and avoid these foods cats should not eat. Keep her well away from anything you even suspect may be toxic for cats.


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