Fleas On Cats How To Get Rid of Them

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Fleas on cats HOW TO get rid of them. Hey ho, just found this page cos I’m looking for a solution to a puddy problem.

One of my cats is hypersensitive to fleas, and even though we keep up the the flea treatment, it only takes one, and it sets her off, and she starts pulling at fur, biting, and making her skin sore.

We then go off to the vets every 2 weeks for steroids till its calmed (usually 2-4 visits). We have been doing advocate and drontal flea every 2 weeks (staggered) on advice form the vets, and its not worked, and its come back again.

We don’t have carpets, and sweep every couple of days, any bedding they have is washed on a 60 every week, and our bedding is changed once a week, settee is vacuumed and treated.

Any help/advice please?? Tim Darnbrough via Facebook


Fleas On Cats How To Get Rid of Them

Hi Tim, yes fleas can be incredibly hard to control. There are always many, many more in the surroundings than on the cat. You need a complete systemic approach where you treat the cat, the house and everywhere the cat goes … and keep it up until it is all clear. This can be next to impossible, depending on your climate!

Initially as a breeder and now as a multi-cat household, it took me years to get a grip on fleas and here is how I do it now. It is incredibly simple, next to no nasty drugs to poison the kitty either!

But, you do need to be a little patient …

How I Control Fleas With Many Cats

Firstly, keep doing what you are doing as there will always be new fleas coming into the area.

Second, buy this inexpensive and safe treatment here: Lufenuron for flea control UPDATE: Many apologies – but this product is no longer available 🙁 . (More info below this article)

Fleas on cats how to get rid of them

Give this to your cat in her food once every month. I mark my calendar and do it on the FIRST of the month so I never forget. None of my cats have ever objected to eating it in their food – so it is extremely easy to administer!

This product is a natural one and not a toxic chemical as all standard flea products are – it is actually used a lot as a human health supplement!

Now – keep in mind it WILL NOT kill fleas. How it works is that it renders any new fleas on your cat infertile – so they can’t reproduce. And that is 95% of your battle fixed! This is the part most people never get on top of!

BUT … you will – in the meantime – have to keep up your management of the current population.

You can use regular baths for your cat, grooming daily with a flea comb – or the easiest way is to use a  Capstar for cats every week or so until the fleas are not breeding any more. NOTE: Capstar is toxic – but will only be needed in the short term and it is nowhere near as bad as the harsher spot-on flea treatments.

In a month or two, there will be no new fleas being hatched in the house or surroundings.

These great little flea traps can help a lot with minimizing the current flea population: Flea Control

More Info on Lufenuron for Flea Control

Lufenuron is a Flea Control product that comes in 12 Monthly Capsules of Lufenuron Generic Program Cats

  • Works for one full month
  • Comes in a easy capsule form
  • Approved for dogs and cats over 6 weeks of age.
  • Lufenuron is stored in your pets fat and transferred to adult fleas when they bite your pet, this prevents offspring and larvae from developing. This breaks the life cycle and the infestation.
  • 95% of fleas during a home infestation remain waiting in the carpet, bedding, furniture and yard to hatch and re-infest your dog.
  • While lufenuron does keep them from hatching on your pet the best results are with a full treatment of all areas to completely rid your home of these pests.
  • 100% safe and there have never been any known over dose of this product.

As mentioned, this is what I use for my cats – after many years of constantly battling with fleas- and I love it. It only takes a couple of months for the fleas to be completely under control – and it has work like nothing else, with so little effort.

But remember that it doesn’t kill the fleas – just renders them infertile.

That means that any new fleas born from now on will not be able to reproduce. Hallelujah!!! You only need to control what is alive until they stop breeding.

Get it here: Lufenuron and intermediate flea killer here: Capstar for cats


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