Chronic Cat Flu – A Case Study Using Homeopathy

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Chronic Cat Flu – A Case Study:

Cat Flu is a common feline viral disease that involves the respiratory system. Depending on the particular virus, it affects the eyes, nose, mouth and breathing system. Once a cat has contracted an infectious Upper Respiratory Virus, it can go on to become a carrier.

At different times it will shed the virus and therefore become infectious to other cats. Most chronic cat flu carriers have no problem themselves, once they have dealt with the initial infection – other than an occasional snuffle.

However, some cats have continual symptoms that can affect their lives a lot, and cause much angst for their owners.

Being that there are no effective anti-viral treatments for Cat Flu, many people have turned to using natural therapies such as homeopathy for cats. Often homeopathy is very effective as it builds up the cat’s immune system rather than tries to fight the disease itself – which is how antibiotics work.

Below you will find a link to an interesting Cat Flu case study by Homeopath Katie Whitcomb BVSc MRCVS VETMFHom, in which she treated a chronic cat flu case. This cat, a Korat called Tonni, had been a breeding female in an indoor cattery and was rehomed when her owner died.

After an initial vet checkup Tonni started sneezing and had nasal discharge, both common signs of Cat Flu. It was then learned that Tonni had previously been treated for Cat Flu a number of times with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. She was suffering with chronic Cat Flu.

This well documented case study tells of how the process of homeopathy was used in this case. You can read the rest of this article by clicking on the picture below, and I am sure you will find it interesting, especially if you own a cat flu carrier yourself.

Click on the image below, to open the pdf file of this case study:


Chronic Cat Flu - A Case Study Using Homeopathy

Cat Flu Case Study – Homeopathy


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