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CatGenie Reviews

The true Rolls Royce of all kitty litter boxes, the Cat Genie is your cat’s very own special toilet. Never scoop, touch, buy, or change cat litter again with the unique CatGenie self-flushing, self-washing cat box. Instead of traditional litter, it uses permanent washable granules that never require changing, yet satisfy a cat’s need to dig and cover.


CatGenie Reviews

CatGenie Reviews And Info


CatGenie Description

Imagine never having to handle stinky litter boxes and scrape out cat poop any more. Or having to continually buy cat litter. And then find a good way to dispose of it once it is soiled. Well, the CatGenie 120 is a pretty cool little piece of technology. It not only flushes all cat poop and litter waste away without you doing anything, but it also  washes itself clean into the bargain. Imagine that!

It is relatively simple to set-up. You just hook up the CatGenie 120 to a cold water outlet (from a sink, toilet or washing machine). Hook the drain hose over the toilet rim or into the drainpipe at the back of the washing machine. Then you plug in the electrical cord. It is a simple do-it-yourself set up in most cases, and comes with everything you need including connectors.

It usually takes less than fifteen minutes to completely set up the CatGenie. However, in a very few situations where there are non-standard hookups – you may need a plumber to install it.

Once it is all set up then you only need place some of the washable granules into the bowl and it is all ready to accommodate your cat’s toileting needs.

CatGenie Maintenance

You will still need to wipe over the outer surface periodically – as you do all surfaces in your house. The CatGenie 120 has a Maintenance Cartridge that should be used a few times a year. This will remove any lime and grime that sometimes builds up in hard to reach areas. It is also a good idea to clean the water sensor occasionally to remove any lime buildup and keep it functioning at it’s best. Lemon juice or vinegar can be used for this.

The washable granules will need replacing from time to time and will depend on the number of cats that use the CatGenie. On average, one box of the washable granules will last up to 6 months. Big savings here on buying cat litter!

How Does the CatGenie work?

How does the CatGenie clean it’s self? It works like this, liquids drain through the granules and solid waste gets scooped and liquefied – then both are flushed with fresh water down the drain. Touch a button or pre-set the timer to start the wash cycle. Using water and veterinarian-approved SaniSolution, the unit scours and sanitizes the granules and cat-box interior to eliminate germs and odors. Its built-in dryer completes the cycle by blowing hot air over the granules to dry them.

The unit acts like a litter box, washes and dries like an appliance, and flushes waste out of the home like a toilet. It is perfect for for homes with two to three cats over six months old. The CatGenie box sets up easily and maintains itself. Simply establish a one-time DIY connection to a cold-water supply line from a sink, toilet, or laundry; place the drain hose over a toilet rim or into a laundry drain; then plug the unit in.

  • When your kitty goes to the toilet, the liquid drains away from the granules, so that only the waste gets flushed
  • The GenieHand then scoops out any solid waste material and turns it into a liquid for safe and easy removal
    Fresh water then fills the basin
  • The GenieHand scrubs and scours the box and washable granules
  • The cat-safe SaniSolution decontaminates everything, while the waste and sudsy water are flushed or drained away
  • A hot-air blower then completely dries the granules and box
  • The washable granules are permanent and never need to be changed, although will need to be topped up occasionally
  • You can teach your cat to start the cleaning process itself – OR you can set it on automatic timer

Benefits Of The Cat Genie:

Apart from not having to handle soiled cat litter and litter trays anymore, there are no litter or faeces particles floating around in the air for people to breathe in. And since you have no contact at all with soiled cat litter, you don’t have to worry about getting toxoplasmosis from cat waste.

Therefore the Cat Genie 120 is a very safe litter option – especially recommended for households with expectant mothers, young children and babies – and people who have health issues.

It uses a biodegradable and recyclable SaniSolution cartridge for cleaning. Each SaniSolution cartridge holds at least 120 washes. With complete and automatic sanitation, the CatGenie is the one and only, real hygiene solution to a cat litter boxes.

  • Unique self-flushing, self-washing cat box maintains itself
  • Uses permanent washable granules that never need changing
  • Perfect for homes with 2 to 3 cats over 6 months old
  • Hardware, granules, cleaning solution, and instructions included
  • Measures 24 by 19 by 21 inches; 2-year limited warranty

The CatGenie has been trialed, used, and recommended by veterinarians nationwide. And the CatGenie comes with a ninety day money-back guarantee and a two year warranty.

3 Reviews of “CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box”

  • Harry Lex Says…
    We are retired, have had hundreds of customer support experiences and cat genie is, by far, the best. we have had our cat genie for 2 years. The genie, generally, works great. When we have experienced problems, we get hold of a live person immediately or if we leave a message, the call is returned in minutes. They are very patient in explaining cat genie operations and ship, express, free of charge replacement parts…
    There is no hesitation in shipping free replacement parts. Absolutely no hassles! They guide us through steps to keep the genie operational while the part is in transit. Everything is better than advertised. Our latest experience with them was today.
    By the way, our 2 cats love the cat genie and we are able to leave them alone during our travels..
  • Anne Y. Fisher Says… 

    My cat genie has been in place for 18 months. I have had absolutely no problems or complaints about this product for all that time until yesterday. I called the support number and the person I spoke with was kind, helpful, knowledgeable and patient. Despite my reservations, I was able to take the genie apart and clean it out and put it back together with his help. We were on the phone for quite a long time and he never acted like I was a pain or stupid nor did he give me any negative feedback.

    When I called today to say that I thought I had not put it back together correctly because it was leaking, he told me, “never mind, I will send you new parts to get rid of the problem”!

    So, I am recommending this product highly because you can expect full and gracious assistance with any problems you may encounter.

    The only negative about this product is the abundance of granules that make their way out of the genie. My genie is in the basement but if it was in a bathroom that we use one would have to clean up the granules frequently.

  • Gradio Says… 

    The Cat Genie seems well constructed, but after using it for a month, I am disappointed with the amount of unpleasant odor. As some other reviews say, the scooper occasionally misses smaller pieces which fall between the tines and these are not dissolved before the blower starts. This is where the very strong and unpleasant odor begins. If you do not have an exhaust fan in your laundry room, you will need to open a window and close the door to the room unless you want your whole house to smell. If you live where there are cold winters, having to open and close a window is annoying and not something one would expect to have to do in view of the claims made by the manufacturer. Also, the granules do not seem to coat the feces as well as clumping litter and therefore when your cat goes, it can smell strongly for a period of time. I am thinking that the Litter Robot would have been a better choice for me even though you have to remove the litter manually. Apparently, odors are reduced by having the feces immediately moved to the hopper area instead of lying around until the Cat Genie’s cycle begins which could be hours. If the odor was not so objectionable, I would rate this product higher, but I can only give it a 3 out of 5.

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