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Cat Superstitions from Around the World:

It is interesting and fun to learn about just how many different parts of the world believe the cat has some mysterious ability to bring either good or bad luck.

Many are Black Cat superstitions. and others are white cat superstitions. And some are totally contradictory. One wonders how many of these cat superstitions had their basis in truth at their beginning.


Italy: When a cat sneezes this is a good omen for whoever hears it.

America: If you dream about a white cat, this means you will have good luck

America: If you see a white cat on a road during the daytime, this is considered to be very lucky.

America: It is very unlucky if you see a white cat at night time.

Japan: When a cat washes its face, it means you will be getting a visitor.

China and Europe: When a cat washes its face, it is a prediction that it is going to rain

Cat Superstitions - White Cat

White Cat Superstitions

apan: Black cats are a really lucky omen; blacks cats can heal sick children and they protect against evil.

France: The black magical cat called Matagot could bring prosperity to its owner.

Buddist: A light colored cat brings silver to it’s owner’s home. A dark colored cat brings gold to it’s owner’s home.

Celtic: A kitten born in May, and particularly those born on 1st May, will become badly. It can even bring snakes into the house.

England: If there is a black cat in the house, the lassies will never be short of lovers.

England: It is very bad luck to chase a black cat away.

Russia: When moving into a new home, it is good luck to let the cat enter first.

England: It brings good luck when a cat runs in front of a fisherman on his way out fishing.

English: Alternately, it is also considered a bad omen when a cat crosses the fisherman’s path on his way to fishing.

Madagascar: The souls of unburied dead would enter into a cat.

Japan: There is a sculpture of a cat named Maneki Neko which is considered to be extremely auspicious.

Java: Bathing a cat will make it rain.

Sumatra: To make it rain, they would take a black cat out into the river and force it to swim about, making sure to splash water onto the cat and also onto each other

Cat Superstitions - Black Cats

Black Cat Superstitions

Ireland: If you kill a cat, you will suffer seventeen years of bad luck.

England and Europe: To protect a house from any future rat infestations, a cat should be built into the walls. Even better protection was if the bodies of both a cat and a rat was built in. There is a collection of cats that have been found in walls of houses on display in London’s Natural History Museum.

England: In London’s Savoy Hotel, they place a statue of the cat called Kasper on the table of a party of 13 people to prevent bad luck. Kasper is served a meal too to make the diner’s number 14.

England: When a black cat crosses your path, it is considered to be good luck. You should make a wish quickly before you lose sight of the cat.

Europe and USA: When a black cat crosses your path, it is thought to be bad luck.

Wales: If a young woman is steps upon a cat’s tail, she won’t be married in that year.

Thailand. Their national breed of cat – the Korat is considered to be a lucky cat, bringing prosperity to its owners. The Korat cat was often used as a part of rain making ceremonies. Water was poured on the cat to call forth rain clouds. Two Korats would also be given to the bride for a wedding gift, ad this would ensure prosperity. The Korat cat’s color of fur symbolizes silver.

Japan: When a cat had a black mark on its back resembling a woman wearing a kimono, the cat should be shown the utmost respect. The kimono mark on the cat’s back was regarded as evidence that a dead ancestor’s spirit possessed the cat. Great precautions were taken to protect and care for these Kimono cats, and they were often given to into a temple’s safekeeping.

Other Cat Superstitions:

  • It is bad luck to mention the word CAT on stage.
  • It is bad luck to mention the word CAT on a ship.
  • However, it is good luck to have a cat on board a ship and also backstage in a theater.
  • A cat walking across a stage is considered to bring good luck.


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