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Cat Litter Concealment Cabinets:

People love their cats and these days many owners are choosing to keep cats indoors permanently, for good reason. Cats are safer and you always know where they are. But on the whole one of the things that indoor cat owners find most distasteful is the whole issue of smelly cat litter boxes.

They look ugly, they are dirty, litter gets scattered everywhere and usually they smell bad! Then there is the problem of babies and young children having access to the soiled litter tray – which is a real health issue. So where do you put a cat litter box?

A lot of cat owners are able to utilize a laundry or other out-of -the-way room, but some of us are not so lucky. If you are living in a smaller house or apartment, that means that you need to be creative to find ways for accommodating a kitty litter box – that both the humans and the pet cats can live with.

You don’t want to see it, you don’t want it messing up your home and you don’t want litter all round the floor. What is the answer for this kitty litter box problem?

Enter Cat Litter Concealment Cabinets!

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Cat Litter Box Furniture

Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture

In recent years the range and quality of designer cat furniture has made a dramatic improvement. There have been many innovations and – as well as cat comfort being a top priority – aesthetics and owners needs have been taken into consideration too.

There are now some really lovely units of hidden cat litter box furniture, that may possibly even take pride of place in your home. Design-wise, the best of these are simply brilliant, being stylist and attractive pieces of furniture – yet at the same time – completely functional. They come in a range of very attractive cabinet styles, all with different colors or various wood grain finishes – and they conceal the litter box from sight completely.

You will find that there is two major design types, both of which will keep the cat litter tidily inside the furniture unit, but each of these has it’s own distinct advantages.

Hinged Top Hidden Litter Box

One type of hidden litter box has a hinged lid on the top. This top lid is for access to complete the litter box maintenance, and maybe make cleaning a little easier that having to completely bend down.

You can use the top of the litter box cabinet, but of course as you will need to be lifting it up and down, it is not ideal for much other than maybe your cat’s bed or some cushions.

One major disadvantage that I see in this particular design is that the litter box will need to be lifted up and out for cleaning and maintenance. It may also be a little bit trickier to maneuver down into the corners when cleaning it. So you would need to take all of that into consideration before buying one.

Cat Litter Concealment Cabinets

Cat Litter Box Concealed

Concealed Litter Boxes With Doorways

Another type of concealed cat litter box comes with either a cat sized opening – or an access door (or two) hinged on the side. This of course is where you access the litter box, and it is able to be easily removed by simply sliding it out.

These litter boxes are easier to clean inside as well, as brooms and vacuum cleaners have good access. One major advantage of this design is that you have the top surface of the litter box cabinets to use as you wish, permanently. For extra storage, or just for something attractive.

Some of the cat litter concealment cabinets designs also have extra storage inside for those little necessary items such as kitty litter scoops, litter tray liners, cleaning materials and so forth.

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes – With Storage

There are so many choices in hidden cat litter boxes available that you are sure to find one that not only looks great in your home, but puts your unsightly cat litter box problems in the past – and also keeps your kitty happy!

If you are keen on looking into cat litter concealment cabinets for your kitty, I have lots of information on the different models and reviews of some of the best that are available – here: Hidden Litter Box Furniture

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