Cat Food Problems

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Cat Food Problems

Here is a great article about the Health of Cats in General. This article is kindly reproduced with permission of Eden-Lea Ragdolls and it covers some very interesting points about the health of cats, and the way in which diseases are becoming extremely common. I, personally, am in total agreement with all of this article.

I hope you find this informative and helpful. There are some links at the bottom of the article where you can learn more about raw food for cats, and how to feed a species appropriate diet. It can be difficult to get your head around to start with, but there is plenty of help available.

All About Cat Food Problems. Why cats should eat a raw food diet for their health and longevity.

Cat Food And It’s Problems:

Have you noticed -Our cats and kittens are dying too young!

That we are seeing a massive increase in chronic health problems with our pet cats and kittens? What on earth is going on?

Almost everyone today will know someone whose cat has to eat a special diet because of allergies or kidney problems, or such-like. They will know of someone else who has paid astronomical vet’s bills for treatment of their cat or kitten’s chronic health issues, and often with no real answer or cure.

The question is – what has gone so very wrong?

These beautiful animals, and loving friends should be living a lot longer, and few health problems. The truth is that we ourselves are to blame!

Cat and Kitten Health

I don’t know if you have noticed, but overall we are seeing a huge increase in chronic health problems in our pet cats and kittens, that were either very rare or just non-existent back before the 1970’s.

The type of health problems I am talking about are to do with general immune system breakdown, resulting in chronic disease:

  • tooth and gum infections
  • skin allergies
  • ear infections
  • seizures
  • digestive disorders
  • thyroid gland dysfunction
  • adrenal disorders
  • kidney and liver failure
  • pancreas problems
  • many types of cancers
Cat Food And Problems

The Best Food For Cats Is Raw

Of course this is only a general list, but you get the overall idea, don’t you? And, while a large percentage of any feline population commonly carries upper respiratory viruses like cat flu (feline herpes) and chlamydia, once an initial infection is dealt with by the immune system of a cat or kitten, these viruses and infections usually become dormant.

But, in the last few decades, they have overall become more chronic – with infected cats often having continual symptoms.

When I was a kid, cats normally lived well into their late teenage years and even into their twenties, (unless they had a mortal accident). They just didn’t have all these types of diseases back then, or at least they were not anywhere near so common.

Most people these days will know of someone whose kitty must have only a special diet because Kitty has cat allergies or kidney problems, or such-like. Or they will know someone has paid massive veterinary bills for treatment of their cat or kitten’s chronic health troubles, for which they often get no real answer or cure.

The big question is just what has gone wrong?

More Cat Food Problems:

One of the largest contributors to this massive upsurge in feline diseases is something that should be obvious to the standard cat owner, if they actually stop and think about it. It is that most of these disease states can be directly attributed to the type of food our cats are consuming nowadays.

We are simply not supplying our cats with the fuel they require for all their body systems to function normally.

Science has quite correctly declared the cat as a 100% obligate carnivore. What this means is that a cat’s whole system is designed to get ALL of its nutritional requirements from animal sources.

Check the label on your can of cat food, or bag of dry food and see just how much of it is from an animal source. I love the labels that say something like “10% REAL meat”. Gee, what a bonus! What about the other 90% of my cats nutritional needs?

Hopefully this short article will help to get people questioning the marketing propaganda being fed (pardon the pun) to us by pet food companies, and maybe even extend the life of their furry feline friends.

Article reproduced with permission by: Eden-Lea Ragdoll Kittens and Cats where you can find information and lots of photos of the owner’s Ragdoll cats and kittens eating real raw cat food.
Natural Food For Cats: Many photos here of cats and kittens eating real raw cat food

The Best Cat Food: What actually is the Best Cat Food, to keep your kitty healthy???

So, there it is cat owners! Pause for thought if you are not feeding your cat a mainly raw food diet? Make sure you check out Eden-Lea Ragdoll’s site, particularly the sections on feeding your cat, because you will find it very helpful.

Making Raw Cat Food Easy

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