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Cat Flu and Antibiotics:

Cat Flu is a very common illness in cats. It is a herpes type virus rather like the cold sore virus in humans. Once a cat is exposed to the cat flu virus, it normally takes up permanent residence.

However, once the initial infection stage is over, cat flu symptoms normally only appear (again like a cold sore) when the cat is run down, stressed or has immune system dysfunctions.

Cat Flu Antibiotics - Cat Flu In A Kitten

What Cat Flu Can Look Like – This kitten is quite badly affected.

Sneezing in cats a lot is a common symptom of cat flu, along with watery or swollen eyes. The article below by Dr Andrew Jones:

A common question I have been asked lately is about the Cat flu. It’s going around, and more often than not a visit to your veterinarian will result in you being given cat flu antibiotics. But little else. And its a virus… antibiotics are NOT effective. In fact this approach can cause problems.

Reactions to the antibiotics can include vomiting, diarrhea and severe allergic reactions, as well as liver disease and immune mediated disease. Resistance can develop to the antibiotic so it may not be effective when your pet needs it.

Does this Sound a little CRAZY to you? There is a better way, and I’ve included a few solutions in this article.

Cat Flu signs:

The most obvious sign of cat flu is a cat with a runny nose, often accompanied by swollen and runny eyes. Most cats will also be sneezing.

Cat Flu Causes:

Two feline viruses are responsible for most cases of cat flu. Some cats can be infected as kittens and constantly harbor the virus, making them prone to repeated infections. In most cases, the virus will run its course in 7-10 days, so supportive care is needed.

Cat Flu Solutions:

Cat Flu Antibiotics - Cat Flu Remedy Respo K

Cat Flu Remedy Treatment Respo-K™. Homeopathic remedy improves respiratory health and strengthens immunity

KEEP HER EATING. One of the best ways to help your cat’s immune system is by ensuring adequate food intake. Warm up her favorite canned food, or add a small amount (1/8 teaspoon) of garlic. If her regular food isn’t appetizing, then switch to canned tuna.

ORDER UP FLORIDA. Humidity is fabulous for easing congestion and improving breathing. Use a humidifier or put your cat in the bathroom and turn up the shower.

WIPE AWAY. Use a damp cloth to wipe crusted discharge around the nose and eyes.

OPEN THE AIRWAYS. For some cats with severe nasal congestion I have used Pediatric Otrivin. Use one drop in each nostril 3 times daily for 3-5 days.

HERBAL. Boosting the immune system is what is most important in recovering from the flu. Echinacea and Lemon Balm are the most important.

SUPPLEMENTS. Vitamin C has antiviral activity.

The more you read, the more you can see how CRAZY our pet health care system has become. If your pet has a virus that won’t respond to antibiotics, then DON’T give them. But you have to be aware of ALL the options.

To your pet’s good health, Dr Andrew Jones

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