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Cat Fancy Cat Shows:

Among the world of cat fanciers there are many who like to enter their felines into cat shows. Although a lot of exhibitors are pet owners, the majority are breeders who have their cats judged by trained, discerning feline judges.


The cats are judged to see how close they come to what is called “The Standard” for their particular breed.

The Standard describes what is the ideal cat of it’s breed. It encompasses all aspects of the cat, from coat length and color, to eye shape, set and color, and on to the build of the cat and where all it’s “parts” are placed.

Of course there can be no perfect cats, and the Breed Standards are open to personal interpretation by the judges. What one of the cat judges sees as an incredible example of the breed – another judge might pass over altogether.

Cat Fanciers all over the world participate regularly in cat fancy cat shows. Cats are bathed and groomed, primped and preened and competition can sometimes be fierce (I know this from experience!).

Below I have for you a video of a cat show in San Diego in 2011.

The wonderful world of Purebred cats is on display and you can see different judges handling the cats: Enjoy:




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