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Can You Grow Cat Grass?

Yes, you sure can grow cat grass yourself and it is very easy to do. You basically just need a planter of some description – a wide shallow type of pan is best, enough soil to grow the grass in and some cat grass seeds. Then add a little loving touch for a week or so and you have a dish of delectable grass that your cat(s) will love to browse on.

SmartCat Kitty's Garden - Grass For CatsAlthough not a major part of a cat’s diet, grasses help with digestion and with clearing out any furballs. Eating grass also gives the cat small amounts of chlorophyll. Often when a cat is feeling a little off color – you can notice that she tends to gravitate towards the grass bowl. It really seems to help with stomach upsets.

You can satisfy your cats’ need for a little grass in her diet, by growing cat grass and leaving it available for her to browse on, whenever she feels the need.

Pictured to the right is the Kitty’s Garden Organic Grass Garden for Cats

Choose A Variety of Grasses

For variety, you can grow some different types of grasses, such as oat grass, wheat grass, bluegrass, fescue, rye and more. Just be careful that the plant you choose to grow is not actually one that is toxic to cats. With the grasses I have mentioned here – they are perfectly safe for cats.

Cat grass is readily available to buy as seeds from most seed companies or pet supply catalogs. And, if you have a look further down the page beneath the video, you can see a couple of specially designed cat grass planters and kit.

How Do You Grow Cat Grass?

This video show you how to grow cat grass very simply and cheaply. And as you can see when the grass is grown, the cat in the video adores it.

As you can see you can use almost any type of growing dish. If you would like a specially designed cat grass here is a great option:

Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Garden powered with Green Nutrition for Dogs and Cats makes it easy to grow your own luscious, healthy, organic greens – just soak, sprout, plant and watch them grow.

  • 100% certified organic wheat grass
  • Contains only the finest quality seed in custom-blended soil to enhance nutrients and flavor
  • Grows in 7-10 days
  • Unlike most self-grow kits, Pet Greens Garden is developed for all pets – not just for cats
  • Safe alternative to potentially harmful houseplants and chemically treated outside grasses
  • Go Green! Nutritional Benefits for Animals

Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Garden

Drinkwell Cat Grass GrowingMake sure to check out this award winning grass growing idea – a hydroponic cat grass garden that grows a natural treat of 100% organic wheat grass that cats love.

The Aqua Garden (pictured on the right) is an innovation in having a fresh supply of cat grass for your kitty(s) to graze on!

The Aqua Garden uses no soil or additives, just the continuously circulating water of the Drinkwell Pet Fountain to grow cat grass in a matter of days.

Wheat grass is used to help manage hairballs, aid in digestion and can even save houseplants!

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