Best Cat Toy Ever?

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Best Cat Toy Ever?

It is sometimes hard to buy good cat toys, so I will make it easy. Without a doubt this is one of the best cat toys I have ever seen. And, around 40,000 Facebook users liked this cat toy – that is saying something!

Most cats love Catnip and most cats love a toy they can get stuck into as well as cuddle with. This cat toy offers that and more.

Best Cat Toy Ever

Coolest Cat Toy!

This cat fun play toy is entirely hand-made in the USA and it made from 100% Organic, non-toxic materials. The soft cotton fabric is packed full with Organic Catnip and jingly bells, cats just love it!

Go to the site and have a look at the different colors you can choose from … and while you are there, make sure to check out their videos, because a lot of customers have shared videos of their cats and kittens having serious fun with the Kitty Kick Stix.

The Kitty Kick Stix cat toy is a whole 15″ long, which makes it a wonderful size for a cat to get a hold of with all it’s feed and they just love to kick and roll and snuggle with it.

Cats love this toy to bits! I can’t recommend it highly enough: Kitty Kick Stix

Make sure to check out the Videos of Cats having an absolute BALL with these Amazing Catnip Toys
Watch the Videos Here

Some customer comments on this cat toy:

  • “Just received the Kitty Kick Stixs for my kitty Pumpkin….she LOVES them, and she is a very picky kitty when it comes to her toys!!! Thanks so much for wonderful quality products….she hasn’t had this much fun in a long time!! ”
  • “… She’s having a blast!! LOVE these things!!”
  • “Dwayne loves his new toy!! – hasn’t left his side”
  • “I’ve never seen these two agree on anything. Great work!”
  • “Teeka..couldnt wait for the package to be opened. ”
  • “RECEIVED – THEY ARE WONDERFUL!! We are planning our annual open house for Feline’s in need and I want MORE!!! ”
  • “My cat Mimi lays on her kick stick and then beats the crap out of it!!! She Loves it!!All-in-all, a high quality product. ”
  • “She is always stretching and rolling around with this. Best cat toy ever! I love watching her – Lisa”

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